Hooping Through Hybrid


Ball handling skills during basketball practice.

The basketball season this year was very different from last. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting everyone, students are finding ways to do their favorite activities once more. That means taking the necessary safety precautions. 

Being cautious of each other and trying not to get too near each other was a struggle because girls on the team found it hard to cheer on one another when they could not show forms of encouragement that required getting close to one another.

“There used to be much more open high fiving and being near each other without having to be so cautious,” sophomore player Prisha Francis expressed. 

COVID brought complications to their games, but they tried to find ways around it and make the best of the situation.

“Sadly due to COVID they weren’t allowed to have home games and the season was shorter than normal,” sophomore team manager Chiara Militello disclosed. “But when the weather was nice we were able to travel and play games.”

Although the pandemic brought difficulties, there have been positives. Beth Hagler, one of the basketball coaches, explained that they have used this time to improve on their growth as a team. She says that learning can sometimes be stunted by competition. 

“This season was more focused on not so much competition, but regrouping,” Hagler stated. “In some ways, COVID helped us focus on the growth of the team and not competition.”

The team usually likes to start their games with a big team prayer to set them off. It is one of their pre-game traditions. They usually also have a secret santa game for the holiday season to spread their Christmas joy, but because of the pandemic they thought it would be better to not have the team participate. 

“Although we usually have birthday celebrations, we couldn’t this year because of COVID,” Hagler explained. “But we do pray before games.”

Although sports practices can be challenging and tiring the players found that the camaraderie on the team helps create a good environment. 

“Team setting is nice, more comfy. When you’re playing in a rigorous state and you’re playing with the teammates you know, it’s a good experience,” Francis admitted. 

Sports are a good way to help relieve tension and Hagler believes it can help the players get closer.

We get closer because we’re indoors and it’s good to see them have fun and de-stress,” Hagler mentioned. 

Students get involved with the school community in a variety of ways, and the team members find that basketball is an enjoyable way to see their friends and participate in an activity they are excited about. 

“I enjoy working with the girls because it allows me to get involved with my school community as well as sports which I really enjoy,” Militello shared.