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Seniors perform at their last Empty Bowls event.

Empty Bowls Night, a Huge Success

Riley Randall, Reporter March 23, 2024

The Holy Cross community gathered on Wednesday, February 28, to donate food and watch students perform at Empty Bowls night. Empty Bowls is at the midpoint of the Lenten Food Drive, which occurred that...

Dance class period 8 practicing their dance for the spring dance concert.

A LOTA’s First Dance

Jess Rincon, Reporter March 19, 2024

As LOTAs stepped into their first dance class, they were impressed by the beauty of the activity. For many Holy Cross students, their high school years are not complete without a dance class. "As...

Students in the period eight Jazz HipHop 1 class practice their dance for the upcoming dance concert in April.

LOTAs’ Lovely Dancing

Katherine D'Andrea, Reporter March 1, 2024

Students have been busy this school year performing and learning new dances for the community. Earlier this year, many students participated in the Winter Dance Concert, an annual favorite Holy Cross event.  The...

The Performing Process: A Sneak Peek of the Newest Musical

The Performing Process: A Sneak Peek of the Newest Musical

Hope Truscott, Reporter February 27, 2024

  In the height of the new semester, the Holy Cross Performing Arts Department began the audition and rehearsal process of its newest production: The Addams Family Musical. Starting with auditions...

The A in AHC Secretly Stands for Art

The “A” in AHC Secretly Stands for “Art”

Charlotte LeGrys, Reporter May 8, 2023

The "A" in AHC Secretly Stands for "Art" by Charlotte LeGrys

The cast of SpongeBob with the jelly fish and under the light scenery created by the tech crew.

Putting On the Play

Elise Gray Baumrucker, Reporter March 26, 2023

The Academy of the Holy Cross is putting together a Holy Cross production of "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical." It is about a little sponge who wants to save his town from a volcano. Dr. Dale Placek...

Two students standing by a stage talking

The Making of a Musical

Allyn Ransone, Reporter March 1, 2023

Holy Cross Students have begun preparing for the upcoming “Spongebob the Musical.” Most people are interested in those who star in the show, while there are plenty of others are just as important,...

Dance at Holy Cross

Dance at Holy Cross

Madeline Beins, Reporter December 14, 2022


Dancers on the stage.

Adrenaline Dance Team

Kyra Flatley, Reporter October 21, 2022

The Adrenaline Dance Team is an exclusive opportunity for the best dancers at the Academy. It highlights the skills and expertise of the Academy’s dancers, and allows them to show off their skills during...

Seniors Emma Allan and Maddie Beins paint sets for the upcoming School of Rock production.

Beyond the Stage of “School of Rock”

Nina Thomas, Reporter October 17, 2022

With the "School of Rock" production coming up this fall, cast members are not the only ones rushing to make it a success. Behind the scenes is another set of students here to build sets, control the sound...

people smiling

Yes, and…

Anna Jasinski, Reporter May 26, 2022

The end of the school day on Friday marks the end of another week for most LOTAs, but for members of the Improv Club, there is one more activity awaiting them in room 143. Improv is a form of theater where...

The Adrenaline Dance Team after one of their dances.

AHC Having Their Last Dance of the Year

Chanda Chung, Reporter May 17, 2022

The AHC dancers put on their dancing shoes and showed off their moves at the Spring Dance concert at the end of April in the theater. It was a night of excitement and fun as the dancers used different...

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