• Happy birthday to: Reese Long '23 (11/12)
  • Happy birthday to: Gabrielle Hill '25 (11/12)
  • Happy birthday to: Jaiden Chambers '23 (11/12)
  • Happy birthday to: Nora Pauley '25 (11/10)
  • Happy birthday to: Mary Allen '23 (11/10)

Tartan Times

Students sitting in the lounge

Senior Year Surprise

Mariana Morales, Reporter October 30, 2022

At the first ASA of the school year, seniors were in for a surprise when the curtains in the auditorium opened to reveal a lounge for them. The seniors were thrilled because now they have an improved place...

All the Freshman sing together to praise God!

Freshmen Retreat with God

Maddie Beins , Reporter October 13, 2022

    The freshmen retreat was awesome. At the retreat they separated the freshman into groups and they talked about their relationships with God. Director of Campus Ministry Linda Ruszkowski...

A group of studnets in the lobby of the dance.

Students Mixed it Up at the Start of September

Kadence Woolfolk, Reporter October 11, 2022

For the first time since 2019 students were able to attend the fall mixer with guests. The night of September 9 students from all grades and guests from multiple schools filled the auditorium in beachwear....

LOTAs in the Summer

LOTAs in the Summer

Maegan Mathews , Reporter June 1, 2022

Over the summer, LOTAs not only sleep in and relax, but many students take this opportunity to expand their horizons and try things that they have never done before, like leading summer camps, traveling...

Student studying in the media center.

Students Studying for Exams

Elena Sunderman, Reporter June 1, 2022

As finals season approaches, students are beginning to study for their exams. Studying is a solid way to make sure students receive a good score on their assessment but it benefits to explore different...

Director of Counseling Julie Ritter is ready to welcome students to her office.

Like a Good Neighbor, Your Counselors are There

Jadin Zabala, Reporter May 31, 2022

In the Academy, each student is provided with resources, such as counselors, in order to help every LOTA thrive. Through counselors and counseling activities, students are given guidance and comfort through...

Vending Machine at Holy Cross

Who Wants a Snack?

Isabella Grijalba, Journalist May 31, 2022


The map on the College Decisions Wall starts filling up as seniors commit to colleges. Many students have committed to schools in Maryland.

Are We There Yet?

Meg Stone, Reporter May 26, 2022

As the 2021-2022 school year starts winding down, it comes as no surprise that the seniors are losing steam in finishing up their last few assignments. However, with AP exams and finals still to come,...

Favorite flower

Favorite flower

Margot Baumrucker, Reporter May 22, 2022


What is the Best Class at AHC?

What is the Best Class at AHC?

Eliza D'Albora, Reporter May 22, 2022


Sophomore Sophia Massaro pulling weeds.

Selfless Service

Charlotte Kinsley, Reporter May 17, 2022

Day of Service is an opportunity for the Holy Cross school community to come together and devote an entire day to serving in the communities. On April 27, 2022, the school split up into various groups...

Lunching and Munching

Lunching and Munching

Charlotte Kinsley, Reporter May 13, 2022


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