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Mrs. Durbin, Gaby Lopez, Zosia Dobosz, Amelia Nelson, Adore Bryant, and Erin Cuddy posed for a photo after presenting their Senior Projects. The seniors worked hard during their internships and were able to share their experience with students and faculty.
Senior Success
Chiara Carrillo, Reporter
New members of the National Honor Society after their induction.
Honor Societies Induct New Members
Isabella Gentile, Reporter
Drawing depicting PBA or Final Exams illustrated by Katherine DAndrea
Exam Week Changes
Katherine D'Andrea, Reporter
Taking time to review notes is an important way to go over material in advance of an exam.
Preparing for Finals
Claire Sullivan, Reporter
A day of service group sent to LArche community in Washington, D.C. Among other jobs, the students washed the cars used to take the residents to appointments.
Community Caring
Cecelia Zarrelli, Reporter
A group of girls and their dates taking formal photos.
The Last Dance
Hannah Chen, Reporter
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