LOTAS Here We Go Again


Photo by Ana

LOTAs getting comfortable to begin the movie on September 10 at the faculty parking lot. The students are awaiting to sing their hearts out to the classic “Mamma Mia” songs.

In a twist from the usual fall mixer, LOTAs came together to watch and sing-along to the fan-favorite “Mamma Mia.” The faculty parking lot was taken over on September 10 by students in 70s outfits prepared to sing their hearts out with friends.

Due to Covid-19, the school could not bring the students together for a mixer last year. However, with many of the covid restrictions being lifted due to the vaccine, AHC was able to host this outdoor event with just LOTAs. 

Sophomore vice president Gaby Lopez mentioned the chaos that went into the planning for non-traditional mixer and how time consuming it was to make it a great night for everyone. 

“There were lots of meetings during lunch and after school,” Lopez explained. “There was a lot of work put into it with the budget of the snacks, location, and renting of the movie.”

Student Council moderators, Ashley Gardner and Erica Mullikin, were happy with the way the mixer turned out and proud with how hard the Student Council worked. It was their first year working behind the scenes on this event and they were pleased with the final product.

“It was nice to see the community rallying together,” Gardner said. 

With the change of a dance mixer to a movie mixer, Student Council was unsure of what the community’s response would be to the new version. Students were hesitant if it would be as exciting and thrilling as the dance. They also had worries that the original mixer would be replaced permanently by this outdoor movie night.

“It had a great turnout and went better than we had planned,” Mullikin claimed. “There might be a chance to add in a movie night next year, but not replace the original mixer.” 

The original mixer will always be a one of a kind experience for the LOTAs. It brings everyone together and there are all kinds of outfits that stand out. The seniors and juniors are the only current students that have been able to experience the original mixer.

The dance mixer with LOTAs and students from other schools gave everyone the opportunity to lift some of the stress they had from the start of the new school year. Each theme would be exciting, and all of the outfits students arrived in astonished everyone, especially the seniors in their completely different theme outfits. 

“It was basically what you would think a high school dance mixer would be like,” senior Megan Steele mentioned. “There was dancing, people jumping up and down, it was very hot and sweaty, but it was a fun time.”

Students hope that 2022 gives everyone the chance to participate in an original mixer dance and experience the school’s traditions. Yet, they will also never forget their first school event after being quarantined at home for a year and a half.