Remote Dance and Art Students


Senior Nina Vito showing off how she dances from home.

With the coronavirus closing the school, Holy Cross classes are online. Some classes are easier online; but others, like art and dance classes, require more creative approaches when it comes to learning at home.

At the Academy there are many art classes now that students have to learn to work at home. Art students have to learn how to accommodate for their art classes like ceramics because it can be very hard to work with clay at home.

 “It’s more complicated because we don’t have the tools or the space,” said senior Cierra Touma. 

While some art classes may be hard, some are slightly easier to do at home than others, like photography.

 “It’s a lot easier to find things to shoot and I am able to be more creative with my photos,” said senior Kristen Puglisi. 

Even though photography may be easier than some other art classes, there are additional challenges to participating at home.

“It’s slightly harder to keep up with editing because at school I have access to Photoshop, but at home I don’t,” said Puglisi. “However, I can still edit my photos well with other editing features that I have access to.”

A popular class that students are taking is dance class. With remote learning, students have to practice their dance routines at home. 

“Taking dance at home is harder than if we were in school because you’re not with your team so you can’t help each other when you get stuck on a move or if you mess up the timing of the dance,” said senior Lauren Bartley. 

Holy Cross is scheduled to resume in-person classes at the start of May if everything clears up. Once that happens, students will be able to get back on track with their art and dance routines.