Spring Sprinkles in at the Academy


Photo by Allyn Ransone

The flowers are blooming and the students at the Academy are ready for Spring and all it has to offer. The shifting seasons hold a lot of new opportunities for students.

The weather is warming up and the seasons are changing: on March 20 it will officially be Spring. As students and faculty prepare for the shift in the season, there is much to be eager about.

“I am excited to see the cherry blossoms because they are zen and are very calming,” senior Isabella Ayalew said.

The change in season also signifies the beginning of the spring sports season. After a week of tryouts, the spring sports teams are practicing and some have even begun games.

“I am really excited to play golf this year. I get to be outside in the nice weather and I get to enjoy the sunlight,” varsity golfer Carly Stocks explained. 

Athletes at the Academy are not the only ones who are ready for the new season. 

“It’s the start of rugby season on March 18 and I will be going down to see Old Glory play,” receptionist Kathleen Enright stated.

Although flowers blooming is a beautiful sight, with people spending more time outside allergies will ensue.

“I enjoy springtime but I definitely try to avoid pollen at all costs,” Ayalew passionately expressed.

Stocks enjoys the time out in the sun, but it does not always turn out so well.

“In middle school my teacher would sit me next to the tissue box because I would get such bad allergies in the springtime,” Stocks noted.

Another hallmark of the spring season is spring break; many students spend it with family or travel to see those they love.

“I am planning on sleeping most of the break, but I may go to Europe, the Netherlands to be exact, to visit some old friends,” expressed Ayalew.

While some LOTAs are traveling abroad others are staying closer to home.

“I will be in New Jersey with my family, spending my time on the boardwalk and enjoying the much needed break,” Stocks said.

Students and faculty may be getting more sleep over spring break, but with daylight savings approaching on March 12, many will have to readjust their schedules.

“Daylight savings messes everything up. I am psyched when the sun is out and then I plummet back to being in the dark again,” Enright noted, annoyed.

Some in the Holy Cross community do not believe daylight savings has a useful purpose.

“What is the point anymore? We are not in old times anymore, all it does is make me cranky because I have to wake up earlier,” Ayalew explained.

The changes in lighting and timing can take some getting used to, but eventually it all works out.

“I need all the sleep I can get. When daylight savings happens I feel more drowsy and I don’t want to drive when it is early in the morning,” Stocks stated.

Spring is coming soon and while many adjustments are in order students and faculty at the Academy are ready to see what spring has in store for them.