Peer Ministry


Photo by Madeline Beins

Peer Ministers Yngrid Bermudo, Dakota Dannett, and Katie Blick working on petitions for the upcoming school Mass.

Peer Ministry is a wonderful class taught by Linda Ruszkowski. The students are made up of only seniors, getting the privilege to lead the school and participate in planning events. The seniors of the class participate to encourage the rest of the students in school to be more involved with their relationships with God and their faith, and especially in giving and helping the community. The students in Peer Ministry class bond with each other to grow new relationships and grow stronger in their faith.

“The best part of Peer Ministry is getting to know the girls in Peer Ministry and building a bond with them,” senior Peer Minister Dakota Dannet shared.

The girls discuss their take on faith and talk about growing their relationships with God, and explaining the good they see God do throughout the world. The ministers work throughout the school and plan events.

“We write the Bagpipe prayers and plan retreats and help lead the chapel activities and Mass.” senior Yngrid Bermudo explained.

Ruszkowski was the teacher that started it all from the very beginning and her end goal for the class was a success for every student who entered and finished.

“I wanted the students to deepen their faith in the model of servant leadership. Peer Ministry is not about lifting yourself up, but about using your gifts and talents to serve others, particularly in the Holy Cross community. I want students to learn new ways to pray and also have some fun along the way,” Ruszkowski proclaimed.