Freshmen Retreat with God


The freshmen retreat was awesome. At the retreat they separated the freshman into groups and they talked about their relationships with God. Director of Campus Ministry Linda Ruszkowski talked to all the freshmen about how people live to serve God and help the Holy Cross community.

The girls played games to get to know each other. One of the games was hungry hippos.

“One person lies down on a scooter with a basket and another person pushes them around and they try to scoop up as many balls as they can,” Maika Walker, one of the teachers in charge of the retreat explained.

The game was a favorite with most of the freshmen.

Behind the idea of the retreat, Ruszkowski had planned for all the freshmen to not only gain a better understanding of their relationships with God and get closer to Him, but also gain a better friendship with each other, as a class.

“We had a retreat for the class of 2026 to get to know each other and the school to grow closer to God,” stated Ruszkowski.

The day was a good start for the incoming class of LOTAs on their Holy Cross journey.