How Do They Teach?


Photo by Hanne Saskia Sidney

AP US Government class taught by Lindsey Tonk.

All the AHC teachers have one thing in common, they try to make learning easier for students. Teachers use many different techniques; however, they have another thing in common and that is they want to know the knowledge background that students have on the subject. 

English teacher Virginia Clifford-Weiss said she was almost torn between English and math before she finally decided on English. The deciding factor was that Clifford-Weiss felt she could help more students in English than in math, and that she enjoyed teaching English more. As she thought more on her selection, Clifford-Weiss mentioned that she believes teaching English was one of her lifelong ambitions since the first grade.

“I have wanted to be a teacher since first grade. I don’t know what it was about my first grade teacher, but I loved it,” Clifford-Weiss explained.

 Math teacher Damaris Kinney said that helping students who found math to be difficult can be sometimes challenging yet rewarding for her.  Often students need greater encouragement than for other subjects. They are, however, better off once their foundations are enhanced.

“I really enjoy helping students achieved their potential in math,” Kinney shared 

Theology teacher Mathew Newell explained that there is something inspiring about teaching the truth to people. In his theology classes, it is special because it seems soothing to share the truth with the Holy Cross students.

“Because it is delightful to share the truth, and because you need to be with other people to get to the truth,” Newell explained the importance of teaching.