Seniors Leave Strathmore


Photo by Eliza D'Albora

Seniors Caleigh Rose, Tess Gardner, and Ella Burke working on plans for their Senior Project.

Every May for the past forty-nine years, LOTA seniors have participated in Senior Project. Seniors leave school several weeks early to intern at a job site and gain experience in the work world before starting their future. 

Jean Cotter, first year Senior Project Coordinator, thinks that there are so many benefits to Senior Project.

“Not only can [Senior Project] help the girls solidify a major or a career choice, but it can help eliminate their options,” Cotter said. “Sometimes experiencing what you don’t want to do can help redirect you to find what you do want to do.” 

As Senior Project Coordinator, Cotter interviews each senior in October to assist them in finding an internship that works for them. If their top choice does not work out, Cotter encourages them to pick an internship that relates to a hobby or something that excites them.

“You’re gonna get something out of it no matter what,” Cotter explained. “Even just being in an office setting, you learn a lot.” 

Senior Madison Akers is getting ready to begin her Senior Project and is excited to learn new skills while assisting in a medical malpractice law firm.

“I know I’m going to get a lot of useful skills out of Senior Project that I can use in the future during college and internships,” Akers shared. “I think I’ll gain professional skills like preparing presentations and assisting others, more social skills, and just exposure to working in a professional job in general.” 

Brennan Flynn is going to be working at a pediatrics office in both Alexandria and Arlington. She will be working alongside a nurse practitioner and doing physical exams on newborns. 

“My Senior Project is going to be very hands-on and I think it is going to be such a cool and exciting experience,” Flynn exclaimed. 

Flynn mentioned that she thinks she will gain confidence through this experience. 

“I think that this internship will make me more comfortable in my abilities. I’ve been nervous about ‘what if i mess up down the road’ so to have the knowledge and confidence that I can do it, is going to be very helpful,” Flynn continued. 

Akers feels that Senior Project will play an influential role in impacting her future. 

“It will give me a better idea if this job field is the right one for me. I also think that my Senior Project will give me a good sense of what’s in store for the time ahead,” Akers added. 

Cotter pointed out her favorite part of Senior Project each year, as another year of the Project commences. 

“I love talking with the girls and getting to know them and their interests. And watching them begin a new chapter of their lives is really something special,” Cotter concluded.