Efficient Ways to Spend your Study Hall


Photo by Reilly O'Leary

Juniors Beza Solomon and Lauren Kosiorowski take a break from completing work during their study hall period.

There are many ways that a student may choose to spend her study hall, but at the Academy of the Holy Cross, students know some of the best.

Some students may get confused or flustered when trying to manage their time wisely enough during study hall. Some girls who have never had a block schedule or a lengthy study hall may have never learned techniques or management skills on how to spend their time.

Beneficial study hall time management skills can be extremely helpful to avoiding confusion on how to spend study hall time.

Successful methods of planning out your study hall include one used by junior Cierra Touma, “I like planning work I need to do ahead of time.” This skill has been proven extremely efficient by many students here at the Academy.

Touma also mentioned some of her study skills and aids that she has found rather useful. “I like to use flashcards, Kahoot, and Quizlet.” These types of applications can improve the students’ overall memorization and recollection of tested material.

When struggling to decide the amount of time to spend on a specific assignment, there are many aspects to take into consideration.

Touma gave insight on some of her techniques, which include, “When deciding how much time to spend on each assignment, it depends on length and if it will be graded or tested.”

When determining efficient ways to a study hall period, take into account the severity of your assignment. If the material is graded and being tested on, then dedicate more time to it.

Time management may be a challenging skill to acquire, but adjustment takes time. Touma stated, “There is too much to do in too little time.” Yet, any skill can be acquired or gained with practice and patience.

Another opinion on the most successful methods of planning out a study hall was offered by junior Diorella Digamon, “I find putting reminders on my phone helpful, because I look at my phone rather than at my books.”

Some students rely little on physical copies of schedules for homework or planning reminders. However, the majority of students will check a notification on their phone within five minutes of hearing their phone ring. Because of this, Digamon has found it helpful to put reminders in her phone.

Digamon mentioned her technique for deciding how much time to spend on each assignment, “I judge based on the difficulty and length of each assignment, then just do as much as I can in that time.” Many students have also developed this method of timing out work by how challenging it may be.

Once the work is broken up into categories, study methods can be planned.

Digamon gave insight on a few of her own, saying, “I like to use flashcards, play Quizlet games, and rewrite my notes in many different bright colors.”

Color coding and rewriting notes are very successful ways of studying. It improves students’ recollection of the material they are reviewing, better than just reading.

Assessing whether time management was a difficult skill to acquire, Digamon explained, “Yes, it is quite an adjustment considering when I will be taking breaks. I also never learned time management in middle school.”

Time management is a skill that must be acquired. With dedication, practice, and hard work, time management skills can be achieved.

Study hall time can be broken down in many different ways. As long as a student is maximizing her amount of time and using skills that are effective for the way that she works and learns, she will succeed.