Starting the College Process

LOTAs picking their dream school to begin the rest of their life


Photo by Allyna Flores

The college counselors post college tee-shirts on a huge board outside of their office to congratulate the seniors success into getting into their dream colleges.

College Days are as helpful to juniors and seniors as they are meant to be. The AHC students get exposed to the different perspectives of college admission trends and the overview idea for colleges. It is beneficial for both the colleges and the students.

The goal for college day is to expose students to more colleges and to learn about the college process and campuses. The college counselors set up college visits for both junior and senior students. They bring in college Representatives to answer the questions from students and for the colleges to explain each part of the admissions process thoroughly. College reps come in during Tartan Time and meet with students about the process of admissions and what they look for in the essays or in the student such as improvement through the years. 

“Applying for schools was easier than I thought it would be. I would say the pressure comes most from waiting on decisions and finding out which schools to apply to,” discussed Eliana Patterson, a junior at AHC, after using her junior year to start her application process. 

To most students College Day relieves the pressure of students and make the admissions process much easier Patterson explained. The essays and tests and grades that need to be done to apply for most colleges were already done by junior year, due to the help of College Day creating less stress for seniors’ applications. 

“The College Days are helpful to exposing us to what to look for in the future, it relieves the pressure for our senior year, by doing all the little things for the applications now during our junior year,” exclaimed junior Dakota Dannett.  

College Day helps to let every student find their right fit, because there is a right fit for every student. It helps relieve pressure, the only pressure is what to expect after graduating high school and the transition from high school to college. Exposing students from freshman year all the way up to senior year really helps the students answer any questions they may have for college reps. 

 “The goal for college day is to expose students to many different perspectives and viewpoints of, not just the college process but admission trends and an overview of what to expect when attending college,” mentioned College Counselor Meighan Sweeney.