Tartans on Ice


Photo by Charlotte Kinsley

The team excitingly step onto the ice at the Caps arena on January 18. As an annual tradition for the team.

The nerves were high as the players of the ice hockey team descended onto the ice of the Capital One Arena, as part of an annual tradition for the tartans. 

On January 18, the varsity players arrived at the arena ready for a good game against Archbishop Spalding. Several of the players expressed their eagerness and excitement to begin. Freshman Eliza D’Albora described first stepping on the ice.

“It was so surreal, when you could look up and see the huge jumbotron,” D’Albora stated.

The team participated in a high school program that the Capital’s run, where they invite a high school team to have a game before the Caps. 

“It’s a win-win. The high schools get to play on their ice, and the Caps organization gets a large group to attend a Caps game,” explained Athletic Director Dena Saunders. 

This is not just a special opportunity for the players but also for the coaches. 

“It was a unique experience not just for us but for the girls as well, having been there a few times before and on that same bench with other teams, the skaters seemed to enjoy the game a great deal. It did get quite intense as well,” one of the coaches, Michael Massaro, recounted.

For many, skating on the same ice as some of their heroes was a daunting experience. 

“I felt nervous because I was playing on the Caps ice,” D’Albora remarked. 

As this was the seniors last game at the Caps Arena, it was a very bittersweet moment for everyone. 

“I’m very sad because it’s my last year and I really enjoyed playing here at Holy Cross for four years but I’m excited to see what’s

A girl with a hockey helmet on holds a bouquet of flowers while smiling
Senior Isa Serrano Gonzalez Luna gleefully holds a bouquet of flowers during senior night at the Caps arena. Serrano’s glee could be seen throughout the crowd. (Photo by Charlotte Kinsley)

to come,” senior and captain Isa Serrano Gonzalez Luna mentioned.  

That night was senior night for the team, so they were able to create a special celebration for the seniors.  

“Watching the seniors being celebrated by their schoolmates and when the team gathered to sing the alma mater at the end,” Massaro shared his favorite part of the game.

The team fought tirelessly against the Archbishop Spalding, unfortunately they fell short and lost; however, that does not mean that they did not get a few shots in. Skater D’Albora created a beautiful shot that rushed into the goal. 

“It was so shocking! I was really surprised that it happened while playing on the Cap’s ice. I was just in a really nice position, at the right time, and everything just fit into place,” D’Albora elated.    

As the season is coming to an end, many athletes look back to where they started at the beginning of the season and are proud of their progress. 

“ I think the skaters have done a remarkable job showing up, working hard, and listening to instructions,” Massaro articulated. “So in that sense from the beginning of the year to the end I believe that the team has come a long way.”