Need Advice? Don’t Worry, These Students Can Help!


Photo by Dani Lock

A LOTA in her natural habitat.

Tests and homework can cause stress and be a lot to handle for new high school students, but all of these problems can be solved with time management and different study methods.

Experienced Holy Cross students offered advice for new students to help them be more successful in school.

Sophomore Christina Rivera advised, “I manage my time by using my study halls wisely, finishing all of my homework the night it is assigned, and finishing all of my school work before doing anything else.” It is very important to use all free time to finish work.

It is definitely okay to take some breaks, but the faster homework is done, the more free time will available for later.

Sophomore Kayla Conroy said, “I used to procrastinate with homework, especially big assignments, and that helped me learn not to leave everything for the last minute.” Conroy learned to be more proactive instead of leaving it for last minute.

Both Rivera and Conroy discovered new and successful study methods. Their advice to new students  to use the app Quizlet, read over all notes thoroughly before a test (not last minute studying), and study at least three days before a test.

Another important suggestion is to remember to never be afraid to ask for help. Conroy and Rivera are confident that their advice will benefit all students.