Safe Spring Break Stay-cation


Photo by Bella Potakey

Activities to pass the time during break.

Spring break is a great time to travel, whether visiting family and friends or to simply relax. However, due to COVID-19, plans have been brought to a halt. 

Sophomores Isabella Wood and Olivia Cox shared that their spring break plans are pretty simple this year.  

“My family and I usually go to brunch for Easter,” said Wood. “We were supposed to travel this year but those plans have been cancelled, we are just staying home this year.”

Cox mentioned having a similar situation.

A yearly spring break tradition she has is “eating a special dinner on Easter.”

“I was supposed to visit a friend and go to a concert this year,” continued Cox. “But I have no new plans for this spring break.”

Luckily, some traditions could still happen. A family Easter meal was a perfect thing to do while still maintaining safety during COVID-19. 

Outside of the Holy Cross community, the amount of people traveling has increased despite COVID-19 still being a major concern.

According to Travel Agent Central, “More than half of Americans (57 percent) plan to travel for spring break.” In comparison, they reported, “In 2020, only 32 percent of respondents partook in spring break travels.” 

Though the pandemic has not seemed to affect some family’s plans, “Of the 26 percent of respondents who said they would be ‘staycationing,’ six in 10 said that COVID-19 had some impact on their decision.”

As stated by the CDC, “travelers are still recommended to have a post-arrival test 3-5 days after arrival at destination, combined with self-monitoring and a 7-day period of staying home.”

In the school, a safe environment is top priority after spring break. Following CDC recommendations and because of a couple reported COVID cases, the first week back was spent virtually and school nurse Kathleen Clarke assured that the school’s COVID-19 protocols will still be continued when students return. 

“Students will complete the Pinpoint symptom screening tool before arrival to school, continue wearing masks, continue six-feet social distancing and one directional hallways, continue with frequent hand washing, and continue with cleaning protocols,” listed Clarke. “We will also continue with our every two week COVID-19 testing and as the weather improves, we hope to have some classes meet outside.”