Improv Club


Photo by Abby Gehres

Improv Club performances are held on the Holy Cross stage.

At Holy Cross, Improv Club has been happening for a long time, and students have especially been enjoying it during the pandemic. In the club, girls prepare for shows, play games, and talk about plays they are making themselves. The games all help with performing and thinking quickly on the spot. The energy is extremely positive, and helps make bad days better. It familiarizes actors with the stage and performing in front of people. 

“We play games that help if you freeze on stage or forget a line. It helps you think on your feet,” junior Ashleigh Dansker said about the Improv Club.

Dansker talked about her favorite game, saying, “It’s called ‘Why are you late?’. It’s a great way to work with others and think quickly.” In this game you work with others to create scenarios, and reasons for being late.

The Holy Cross theater. (Photo by Abby Gehres)

Senior, Mary Sheetz explained about how Improv Club is a great opportunity to get out of your shell and make new friends.

“We play games and we build shows every semester and also we build each other up,” Sheetz said.

The students in the club enjoy performing and the friendships that develop.

“Yes, we do shows in the fall and spring and we are trying to do a show this year with the pandemic going on,” director and moderator of Improv Club, Dale Placek, said. “It’s a club to make friends and to also get better at acting step by step.” 

To join Improv Club, contact the moderator or any members of the club. Placek and  members of  the club worked on the fall play and have the spring musical coming up soon.