Hello Hybrid


Photo by Jessie Olcott

Social distant students getting ready for their study hall.

An exciting email was sent on October 1 from The Academy of the Holy Cross announcing the return to in-person school. Teachers and staff had overcome the challenge of online learning and now turned to hybrid, creating a safe and healthy environment.

Teachers have noticed little things in the students behavior that has changed during the switch to hybrid. Teachers mentioned the transition from constantly having to ask for the students to come on screen to students being happy and engaged when in person.

“Not staring at a screen, and students being present in person has made students a lot more attentive,” Ashley Gardner expressed

Hybrid has been an adjustment for all members of the Holy Cross community, with different teachers having different experiences.

There has not been a huge adjustment, “The only thing I would say I would be commuting to work which really isn’t that hard,” Latin teacher Rachel Mullervy expressed.

When overcoming new obstacles there are different ways for teachers to prepare, sometimes in small ways.

“I didn’t find different preparation necessary for hybrid, other than showing up and teaching the lesson, and keeping the students healthy and safe,” theology teacher Erica Mullikin shared.

When teaching certain subjects there are crucial things that need to be involved in the curricular, which makes online learning a difficult environment of teaching.

“Teaching biology in person is absolutely so much easier, it’s a world of difference,” Gardner explained.

Many teachers shared that hybrid learning has been about building relationships with the students

“A lot of students have been coming out of their shell, during In person learning, which has made it a lot easier to make connections and build relationships with the students,” Mullikin said.

One challenge of the hybrid model is working with two groups of students at once, working with the in-person students and those remotely connected

“I want to make sure that the students who are remote feel as much of the community as those who are in the classroom,” described Gardner.

The different changes in learning can take awhile for students to adjust to, which can can sometimes be reflected in their grades.

“In the beginning I think we might see a dip in grades however once we get a good routine down with the students I believe the grades will rise,” expressed Mullikin.

The teachers have worked to keep the students engaged and happy. Following rules and regulations Is a key part of keeping the girls in school. Members of Holy Cross faculty and staff have been doing an excellent job cleaning surfaces and objects to keep the students safe.

“ I just hope everyone does their part to keep everyone safe. It’s a community effort everyone’s got to do what they need to do,” Gardner expressed.