Spirit Tuesdays


Photo by Chianna Meza-Cuadra

On Freaky Tuesday, teachers dressed as students and students dressed as the faculty. During the lunch fashion show, some of the Junior participants.

March is a hectic time for all students and teachers at Holy Cross. With the end of the third quarter and service hour deadlines fast approaching, a spirit week is a fun way to reduce stress. This year Student Council has arranged for some special weekly fun with spring Spirit Tuesdays.

It was a surprise to most students when the new spirit Tuesdays were announced because this was a random time to do it. There usually are no spirit activities in March and it is mostly uneventful. This is why Student Council came up with the idea. Because the school did not have any spirit activities set for spring, this seemed like a perfect idea.

“It is a new idea and Student Council discussed it with admin earlier this year. They wanted to have more spirit events during the spring semester,” Student Council moderator Rachel Mullervy commented.

One of the reasons why Spirit Tuesdays were created and not just a Spirit Week is that doing it on every Tuesday of the month would spread out the fun and activities.

“Tuesday and this month [March] was the only space that admin could allow for a Spirit Week but Student Council really wanted to make this happen so we decided to just have one spirit day once a week,” junior Student Council treasurer Lynn Clough said.

The fact that these special days landed on Tuesdays was just due to availability. Much thought and effort came into deciding each theme. The members of Student Council wanted to have something unique so it would not be just a common theme that was too overused.

Since this a new idea, March served as a test run. The school community certainly seemed to enjoy the dress-up days and the lunchtime fashion shows.

Junior Student Council secretary Claire Stocks explained that if there was enough positive feedback this idea could be repeated. But, as of now, no one is really sure where this idea will go, she continued,

“As of right now I think it is just something fun we had planned for this year,” Stocks commented

Unfortunately, the stay-at-home order to reduce Coronavirus sent everyone home. Student Council arranged some remote Spirit Days but they were not the same as the fun in-school events.