Looking on the Bright Side


Photo by Cassie

Margaret Torp smiling while snuggling up with her dog.

Despite the tragic events happening in the world, now, more than ever, is the time to try and be positive. While it is hard, and may seem outlandish with all that has happened in the past month, it is crucial to staying healthy during this time.

While these circumstances are unfamiliar, and hard to completely grasp, using the time in a positive way and working to stay positive will make help overall.

“I really miss my friends, and I miss being able to see them everyday,” junior Lizzy Clarke. “It’s hard going changing schedules so quickly and go from seeing friends and teachers everyday to being stuck at home.”

Making time to keep in touch with friends, such as a FaceTime call during lunch are easy ways of making the situation feel a bit more normal. While walking to class or to lunch a lot of time in the day was spent socializing and hanging out with friends, when school was on campus.

“It’s strange to go from seeing your friends everyday, to seeing them once or twice over a screen. My friend and I have been trying to FaceTime during lunch so we can still see each other,” junior Charlotte Whittier explained.

The change in schedule also opens up a bit more time, which can be spent finding new hobbies or activities that are fun and distracting from all that is happening in the world.

“My sister and I have been trying to paint everyday. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it was actually really relaxing and fun,” junior Allie Lawson noted.

Finding new hobbies, or spending more time on old ones, is a great way to spend the extra time.

“This time has also allowed me to finish working on a shawl I’ve been knitting,” Kate Griffith, teacher and play director, added.

With a majority of the time being spent indoors, it is also very important to get outside and move.

“I have been going for runs almost everyday,” noted Clarke. “It’s strange because I am not a big runner, but getting outside has been super helpful for me.”

Finding something that is beneficial, and fun can create a positive activity to look forward to.

“With painting I have been realizing that everyday I am looking forward to sitting outside and taking the time to just paint and relax,” Lawson added. “It’s been a great way to get out of my head for a little bit.”

Whether finding new things to do, or working on old hobbies making sure to stay active while inside is important.

“It helps my mood and energy to get fresh air and exercise,” Griffith explained.