Sisters Take On Online Learning


Photo by Luisa Cardoza

The Cardoza sisters smiling after finishing their third week of online school.

The global pandemic, coronavirus (COVID-19), has impacted people all over the world in different ways. As the situation with the virus develops, Holy Cross responded by switching over to online learning, also known as e-Learning, until at least April 27.

E-learning began Monday, March 16, and will continue through Thursday, April 2. Spring break will still take place as scheduled beginning Monday, April 6 and will continue through Monday, April 13.

These online classes take place Monday through Thursday each week and they function just like a regular day at school would.

The experience is different for every student depending on the different factors. While some students prefer this, others wish they were back at school. Holy Cross has many students that are siblings and their experiences are especially different from the rest.

Luisa Cardoza is a junior and she has a sister, Julia Cardoza, who is a freshman.

“Online school is fun while also challenging. I’m kind of grateful for online school because if we did not have it then I would be extremely bored,” said Luisa Cardoza. “But I wish that I did not have to spend so much time online.”

Her sister Julia agrees and addresses the difficulties that come with online learning.

“I think that going to school can be fun sometimes; at times it can be a bit more stressful,” revealed Julia Cardoza. “Our teachers are more understanding of our technical issues. They understand if our Internet isn’t cooperating, or if we aren’t able to complete an assignment on time.”

Their mother, Mary Cardoza, agrees with them as well. She likes the structure and the other benefits that come with it.

“I like online school. It gives them the structure the public school parents are craving. They don’t know how lucky they are,” expressed Mary Cardoza. “But at the same time I get to bring them coffee in bed and we get to save money on Starbucks! It’s the best!”

Another family with siblings at AHC are the Costas. Sophia Costa is a junior and she also has a sibling, Tiffany Costa, who is a freshman.

Sophia also has enjoyed online school for the benefits that come with.

“Even though I do miss seeing my friends and interacting with the AHC community, I have enjoyed not having to wear a uniform or wake up early to drive to school,” said Sophia Costa.

Meanwhile, Tiffany enjoys online school for the most part but expresses some of her concerns for it.

“I don’t get as much movement because I don’t have to travel to different classrooms,” she explained. “It feels different not seeing my classmates in person.”

Like most parents, Kim Costa likes the path AHC has taken during this situation.

“I’m extremely pleased that AHC has a robust eLearning program and that this was a very easy transition,” she expressed. “Although I would prefer the girls be at school when in school, online school is a much better option than missing days, losing out on the year and potentially having to make the time up over the summer. In this crazy time, it brings a routine and normalness to the day.”

Photo by Sophia Costa
The Costa sisters strike a pose as they take on online learning.

As for being around each other for a day of school, the two sets of sisters seem to have adjusted well.

“It feels pretty normal now. I enjoy having my sister here during class because she understands how I feel in terms of stress and she provides emotional support too,” said Julia Cardoza.

Luisa agreed and revealed the perks of having someone around who is going through similar experiences as her.

“It’s good to have her around because she’s someone I can relate to. We both are very understanding of each other’s space and know that we need breaks sometimes so we’re very understanding of each other,” revealed Luisa Cardoza.

Similarly, Sophia reveals the preparation that happens in advance in order to make this work for herself and her sister.

“Working in the same room as my sister is different, but not unwelcome,” she said. “We tell each other before the day starts if we have a quiz or are going to be particularly loud in a class so that we can both be prepared.”

Although both students and parents wish that they were at school, everyone is understanding due to the current circumstances and realizes it is the best option available. The AHC community is focusing on the positives that can be gained through this special situation.

“Of course I miss my friends and being with my teachers but online school gives me a sense of maturity and responsibility that I thought I didn’t have,” revealed Luisa Cardoza. “We have to be able to balance our free time with school time which takes responsibility and is much more difficult when we’re doing school at home!”

As a parent, Mary Cardoza appreciates seeing her daughters more often. She is aware of the situation and is grateful for having the access to education that they do right now.

“Of course I love having them close to me. But I would love for everything to be back to normal. But for now, we have to pray to make it through this together and to abide by the quarantine rules,” said Mary Cardoza. “I know they miss their friends, their school, their teachers, and being outdoors. We will really appreciate all our blessings once our lives resume.”

Parents seem to be in agreement. Kim Costa is also very understanding of the current situation and believes this is the best way to go.

“I’d rather them be at school but that can only occur if the virus is contained and it is safe to proceed that way,” expressed Kim Costa. “If that isn’t an option, I’d like the eLearning to continue versus delaying school and waiting until summer for them to be in class again.”

Sophia agrees with most of the AHC community in that this is the best choice at this moment.

“Online school is the best option for education given the current circumstances and is much more desirable than making up school during the summer,” said Sophia Costa.