Online Schooling Due to the Coronavirus

Online classes for school.

Online classes for school.

As coronavirus continued to spread, Holy Cross, along with all other schools in Maryland, made the decision to switch to remote learning.

Holy Cross began online schooling Monday, March 16. All students and teachers had to report to their classes at the usual times.

Sophomore Meghan Loupe is like many students trying to adjust to having school online.

“Actively listening to my teachers like it was a normal everyday class has really helped me pay attention,” said Loupe.

This situation is unprecedented for all involved. Going into online schooling, Holy Cross tried their best to prepare students and teachers for what was yet to come.

Junior Tyra-Neil Morrison had a lot to share about having school online. “Personally, as a student I prefer to be at school because my mind is a lot more focused,” expressed Morrison.

It is still unclear if students and teachers will be able to finish the school year at school or if they will have to finish it online.

“At home I think I work a little bit harder than at school because I have time during each class to get work done since not every class uses the entire 80 minutes,” continued Morrison.

Morrison also stated that having school online makes her more aware of her grades than if she was at school.

“I don’t think that I am more stressed at home, but I do feel the constant feeling of always having an assignment due,” explained Morrison.

Holy Cross is using Google’s video conferencing tools for remote classes, in addition to the resources of class portals.

“Students are actually turning in a higher quality of work especially homework, but they are not orally participating as much as they do when we are together,” said theology teacher Mary Martino.

Martino believes the positive affects of having school online is that students are more focused on their schoolwork because they do not have to attend to sports ad they get more sleep.

“I also think without their friends around during study hall, etc. They are getting more done,” continued Martino.

In some classes students are enjoying the freedoms of working at their own pace.

However, there are some negative affects in regards to having classes online. “With iPads I only see their face mostly, and a lot of times when they are answering or asking questions I am unable to see them and read their body language,” explained Martino.

There are still a lot of uncertainties regarding when everything will go back to normal. Some students are enjoying school from the comfort of their homes while others miss being able to see their friends and teachers.