The Holy Cross Talent Show


Onyx club members before their step performance at the Talent Show.

The Talent Show was an exciting day for LOTAs as they displayed their unique talents that may not be noticed everyday.

The talent show took place in the Student Common after first period. Everyone was welcomed to participate in the show and cheer on their friends.

Dani Lock, a junior, choreographed and performed her own piece. “I love that I can express myself through my movements and let go of all my emotions,” said Lock.

Kayla Mathews performs a dance for the Talent Show

Lock explained that her favorite part about dancing at Holy Cross is the community.

“I dreamed of being on a team and dancing with people I could express myself with,” Lock expressed. “It feels like a dance family and that brings me joy because my dream came true.”

Sophomore Ashleigh Dansker sang and played the guitar during her performance.

“Being able to share my talents and passions with everyone in music is my favorite part about singing at Holy Cross,” Dansker said.

Dani Lock performs a dance for the Talent Show


For anyone who struggles with stage fright Dansker explained the key is to believe in yourself and find people who enjoy your talents as much as you do.

There were fourteen different performances during the show, varying from singing to dancing and even poetry.

History teacher, Elizabeth Creamer, was impressed by the amazing acts that had taken place. “I learned that there is a variety of diverse talents in the Holy Cross community,” Creamer expressed.

Vice Principal Lindsay Tonks and Latin teacher Rachel Mullervy organized this event.