Second Semester Slipping


Photo by Clare Foley

Seniors Jackie Adedokun and Mari Greene use their free period to study together in the senior courtyard.

The fourth quarter of the second semester has arrived here at the Academy and students tend to lose focus and motivation due to several factors. However, there are ways to bounce back to a first semester mindset.

Students described the reasons they believe they, and others, may slack off in the second semester.

“I spend way too much time on my phone especially now that I feel like I’m already set up for college and I don’t have to work as hard because I’ve gotten into a few places,” explained senior Catie Connolly.

Junior Allie Lawson put into perspective the second semester in terms of why she loses motivation for her schoolwork.

“We don’t have that much to look forward to in terms of breaks, and the fact that summer is so close; everyone wants school to be out,” acknowledged Lawson.

School counselor Amy Stowe is able to see the causes of grade drop in the second semester. She communicates with students, whether they are struggling academically or not.

“It is not unusual that third quarter grades will drop a little bit for some students. That usually serves as motivation for the fourth quarter,” claimed Stowe.

Speaking with one’s counselor is an effective way to brainstorm solutions to increase academic stability in the second semester.

“Talking to Ms. Stowe usually helps me because she’s one of my biggest cheerleaders here. We get along really well and she always gives me good advice and tips and whenever I’m drowning in work she calms me down,” described Connolly. “She has those sheets where you can plan out every single thing happening, so that’s really helpful.”

There are various ways to get back on track for students at Holy Cross, whether these aid in organizing or staying up to date with assignments.

“I have a little planner and it just helps me keep track of all my assignments. If I fall behind I can still look back,” added Connolly.

Faculty and staff of the Academy may prove essential in motivating students during the second semester.

“Ms. Griffith, my advisor, really helps me by telling us about upcoming things all the time,” mentioned Lawson.

Lawson, along with several other students, has been balancing outside work with school work this semester.

“I have been doing my homework the day it is assigned to make sure I get it all done,” continued Lawson. “I do SAT practice on the weekends to organize myself more and be prepared for the school week.”

To find motivation to end the academic year on a strong note, it is important to understand what the year, and a student’s performance that year, is worth.

“To finish the year out strong is very important, especially because I am a junior. I need to make sure I am not lacking or not caring because this is the most important year that colleges look at,” concluded Lawson.