The Experience of Kairos


Photo by Kellie Looney

Gathering of all the LOTAs who attended Kairos 89

As a senior at AHC everyone gets an opportunity to attend Kairos, a four day retreat located at Camp Wabanna in Edgewater, Maryland. Kairos allows the students to become closer to God and find out more about themselves. It offers an opportunity to become stronger in their faith and allows them to grow.

 Linda Ruszkowski, Director of Campus Ministry, shared that after students leave Kairos “ I hope that they have a better sense of love in their lives. And know that they are loved by a God that loves them so mentally that they can’t comprehend that they have love from their family and friends. That they come out with a better appreciation of love for themselves”

This year Holy Cross they offer the retreat at three different times, November, January, and March. Every student has a different experience at Kairos.

Senior Kalaya deLeon shared that she had a good time at Kairos and that getting hang out with friends along with getting to know people that someone usually would not talk to is one of the best highlights at Kairos. She explained that your emotional response, “really depends on who you are.”

The student leaders for Kairos are seniors,who were invited to attend Kairos as a junior so that they can help lead the students in their experience the following year.

“It’s a whole different experience as leader than the others” senior leader Tess Kelly shared. In order to become a student leader a student must be asked by Ms Ruszkowski in campus ministry as a junior according to Tess.

To underclassmen at Holy Cross who may be excited or not to attend Kairos. Kelly  wanted to share to underclassmen who may not want to go that “ Kairos is the greatest thing ever, I loved it so much. Something I learned was that you can’t compare your group to anyone else’s or even if you are a leader you can’t compare your experience to someone else’s. Because it is completely different.” Kairos is an important experience for every Holy Cross student and one that she hopefully enjoys.