Celebrating International Day at Holy Cross


Students and faculty display their cultural outfits.

International Day was a day for students and faculty to celebrate the different countries and cultures from which they come.

International Day has been a Holy Cross tradition for the past six years. It is a day when Holy Cross’ diversity is not only displayed but celebrated.

Latin teacher Rachel Mulervy organized International Day. “ I think its a great opportunity to show different cultures and learn more about the people we spend a lot of our time with,” she expressed.

International Day was celebrated with an informational assembly which included a fashion show in the auditorium. The day continued with a presentation of the different countries during lunch in the gym.

A presentation by the students at Holy Cross, showcasing the school’s diversity.

“It can be fun to learn about different cultures and that can be really enriching,” added Mullervy.

The Irish Dance club performed a special dance for the assembly, showcasing their skilled dance abilities and demonstrating Ireland’s culture.

Students and teachers who participated in this event were part of the fashion show or helped with a table that represented a specific country in the gym. In the fashion show students and teachers dressed in outfits that best represented their country.

“I wanted to show the Nigerian culture to the Holy Cross community and be able to experience other people’s cultures,” said sophomore class treasurer Aduago Umeh.

Teachers and students displaying their countries with special objects.

It was a special day that showcased the different races, ethnicities, and the cultures that make up the Holy Cross community.

Isabella Rodriguez, sophomore class secretary, had the same intentions as Umeh when she decided to partake in the event. “I wanted to show people at Holy Cross a little bit of the culture I am proud to be a part of,” she explained.