Lax LOTAs Getting Into Shape


Junior Rose Zaremba and junior Clare Foley practicing lacrosse during an after school workout. Photographer Elizabeth Clarke.

Things are heating up for AHC lax; many of Holy Cross’s lacrosse players are beginning to prep for the 2020 season with intense, after school workouts every day.

Junior Rose Zaremba was a member of the JV lacrosse team the past two years. “The preseason workouts are very intense and it started pretty much as soon as last season ended, so it’s really a commitment,” she explained. 

Lacrosse players have been working out for months in advance to prepare for this season. Every Monday through Thursday, the players trying out for this year’s lacrosse team gather after school to do a variety of exercises: wall ball, both short and long distance running, and lifting weights. The girls run distances anywhere between 200 yards to 3 or 4 miles. 

Kelly Looney, JV head coach for the past eight seasons and Assistant Athletic Director, expressed her excitement for the season. “I think it will be a really good year,” Looney shared. “Most of them are doing our preseason workouts Monday through Thursday and our indoor lacrosse on the weekend.”

Zaremba discussed the hard work that goes into these preseason workouts. “Especially after school they’re definitely challenging because I’m tired and ready to go home, but I feel that they’re definitely helping me in the long run,” she revealed.

“Every season is always exciting. I love watching the girls go from just learning lacrosse to being able to pick up and see their skills improve over time,” Looney shared.

Junior Samatha Lipka, member of the varsity lacrosse team the last two years, described her personal experience playing lacrosse at AHC. “Lacrosse really is my favorite pastime,” Lipka shared. “I love the team and the dynamic and all of the coaches.” 

Looney explained how the JV and varsity teams are made to feel as one big team. “Coach Triplin and I are also really working to do things as a program, so it’s not a varsity team thing or a JV team thing; we’re all doing it together. Building that community up is huge and makes everyone want to work harder,” Looney explained.

Lipka remarked on the effect the leaders of the team have, saying, “The coaches and upperclassmen have really been a big influence on me these last couple years. They set a great example.”

This year, Lipka is looking forward to many things. “I’m excited to try and grow my game more and become a better teammate,” Lipka shared. “I really would like to be an example and leader for freshmen like some of the seniors did for me the past two years.”