Springing into a New Season


Photo by Clare Foley

Lacrosse players participate in preseason, after school workouts and stick skills.

The spring sports season is nearly here and student athletes are gearing up in preparation for tryouts in February and March. The spring sports teams include lacrosse, crew, track, softball, and golf.

Assistant Athletic Director Kellie Looney explained her perspective on how the athletic department helps prepare for a new season.

“I do get to see more of the insides of it… I think I have a better understanding for how hard it was when I was younger, when I would complain about the schedule,” Looney said. Reflecting upon how she now has a better appreciation for the work that goes on behind the scenes, “Thinking about how annoyed I was having a Friday night game, but now I understand,” she shared.

LOTAs trying out for the different teams have various ways to get ready for the season.

Looney explained that lacrosse and crew have been having after-school workouts, consisting of muscle building and conditioning. She said softball workouts will be starting soon; while golf and track do not hold workouts, as their athletes participate in other sports. Several track athletes participate in winter indoor track as their preseason preparation. 

Junior Evie Barnes described how she has been preparing for a new golf season on the varsity team. “I have just been going to the range every once in a while, sometimes on the weekends and, over Christmas break, I golfed in Florida,” Barnes affirmed.

Barnes shared her thoughts on the competition of the upcoming season. “We are actually the only all-female team in our league, it’s tough competition playing against the all-boys teams.” She explained, “Some of the boys teams are nationally ranked.”

In contrast to individual season preparation, senior Chris Egan asserted that the crew team has been working on their skills together as a team.

Egan laid out her preseason schedule. “We practice everyday after school from 3:15 pm to 5:15 pm [where we] urg the rowing machines and our coach makes pieces for us. On  Fridays we either go to the weight room or do body weights,” Egan claimed.

Egan looks forward to the season, as there are more people in the program than past years, meaning that the varsity team will be more advanced, while the junior varsity team is suited for more novice athletes.

These spring athletes express their enthusiasm for the season to start, as it means they get to spend more time with their beloved teammates.

“I love all of the girls on the team… our home course is Columbia and sometimes we’ll get to go in the clubhouse and have some food, some fries, Shirley Temples, so that’s always fun,” Barnes revealed.