Express Yourself


Photo by Josie Finnell

This is where the art happens.

AHC has three different kinds of art classes.

Art teacher Rebecca Cornelius teaches ceramics and photography. Her favorite style of art is sculpture. Her favorite class is Ceramics 1 because, “I feel like I teach the most people.”

In ceramics students make mugs, platEs, and bowls. The coolest project Ceramics 1 made was the Nativity scene. In Ceramics 2 they made pinch pot birds. Studio Art did tessellation print making.

Christine Cover teaches studio art. Her favorite style of art is drawing still life or painting abstract. Her favorite class is AP Studio Art,“in AP  students get to choose to see what  they will create.”

Cover  said ceramics students make pots and jewelry boxes. The  coolest project in photography was light painting  photos. A light painting photo is when  the photographer captures the movement of light with a long shutter speed.

art room
Photo by Josie Finnell
Art room at Holy Cross.