New Teacher, but Familiar Face


Photo by Sash

Grimberg in action on costume duty.

On October 9,the AHC community grew, and received a new addition, Liz Grimberg.

Grimberg has deep roots in AHC, since she is part of a family full of Holy Cross Alumni. She, along with her mother and her six sisters, were all LOTAs. Grimberg graduated in the class of 2005, and was left with an experience she would never forget. “The years I spent at Holy Cross were the best and most fun years of my life. When I left, I always knew I wanted to come back one day,” Grimberg explained.

In September, Grimberg and her mom came to visit AHC. When they came back to visit, Grimberg fell in love with Holy Cross all over again, and the faculty and staff here fell in love with her.

“When talking with her, we just thought that she would be a great fit, and definitely wanted her to be a part of the AHC community again,” Emily Montgomery, director of Moreau Options program said.

As a new member of the Holy Cross staff Grimberg has a number of jobs including: helping with performing and visual arts, assisting the principal’s office, and working with the Moreau Options program. 

“It was so cool coming back and seeing the program, since we didn’t have this when I was in school,” Grimberg described. She was the first Tartan to graduate from Holy Cross with down syndrome. “Seeing the support and teamwork that happens in the Moreau Options program is amazing.” Grimberg explained. 

So far Grimberg has worked with Ms.Donna preparing the costumes for the dance concert. She has also assisted in some of the studio art and ceramics classes.

Though Grimberg is a new teacher, she fits right in and is a great addition to the Holy Cross community. “She’s doing really well and enjoys being here. She’s really a big help,” Montgomery said.

“Working with Ms.Donna has been so fun, and I’m really excited to see what else I’ll do here at AHC!” Grimberg exclaimed.