The Tartan Shop! Show Your Spirit!


Photo by Maddie Akers

Two LOTAs feeling the soft coverup--just in time for the cold!

Most of the Holy Cross merchandise modeled by Tartans and their families is purchased from Holy Cross’s Tartan Shop. Located in the bottom level of AHC, the Tartan shop offers a variety of items and styles that promote Tartan spirit.

Donna Burton, from the Business Office, manages the Tartan Shop. The shop is primarily open at lunchtime and Tartan moms and dads volunteer to staff the store during these hours.

The shop has been in the school for many years in different locations. According to Burton, “The shop used to be in a closet.” With the new bigger store, “We can offer more,” she explained

Around the store, shoppers can find anything from pajamas, to raincoats, to sweatshirts–and even science goggles. She explained the process for selecting the specific items offered, “We poll the girls to see what they like, and look at what other schools sell.”

Mother of three LOTAs (senior Katie Rose, sophomore Caleigh Rose, and freshman Maggie Rose) Patricia Rose is one of the Tartan Shop volunteers She expressed, “We try to order what we think the girls will buy, and then get approval by the principal. Car decals are also a high seller.” Rose explained that they work with brands that are easy to deal with.

Students appreciate the quality of the products. Sophomore Sarah Owens explained, “I bought a pair of sweatpants over two years ago and still have them and they are the comfiest thing ever.”

Sophomore Liza Itscovich agreed, “I bought shorts from there that were good quality and for a good price.”

Burton pointed out the most popular item, “This!”–unsurprisingly: the new Holy Cross crew neck sweatshirt. Almost every Holy Cross student owns this sweatshirt, because it was approved at the beginning of the school year for students to wear over their polos. This item was just recently added and was greeted with a huge applause when announced at an All-School Assembly.

Itskovich shared, “I bought the newly approved sweatshirt because it’s more comfortable and I like the style a lot better than the other ones.”

At the beginning of the school year, when the gray Holy Cross sweatshirt was first approved, students would sprint to the store at lunch to make sure they could grab one before they sold out. Even after all those purchased sweatshirts, the Tartan Shop still remains busy during lunchtime.

Sophomore Ashely Nalls also noted on her personal experience when buying the sweatshirt, “When I was buying my sweatshirt it was kind of annoying because every time I went down there, they were out of them. But they let me try them on to find my size.”

Sophomore Caleigh Rose noted her opinion, “I like the variety of clothes Holy Cross sells, and the prices are reasonable.” She added, “I would like if the Tartan Shop sold more pajamas and athletic quality sweatshirts.”

Another factor that draws students to the shop is the candy jar on the counter. LOTAs come at lunch to purchase an item or browse and grab some candy on the way out.

Sophomore Michelle Gawlik said, “I think the store has good options and I like to go down at lunch and look at everything and get candy.”

During the Holiday Season, the Tartan Shop will be open at lunch and additionally when Mothers Club comes to decorate the hallways for the holidays.