Serving Up the Tennis Team


Photo by Caroline Bloodgood

Varsity tennis team getting pumped up with a cheer before their match.

The varsity tennis team has been practicing at the Georgetown Prep tennis courts every day after school for the past couple months to be prepared for their season.

History teacher Elizabeth Creamer has been the tennis coach for five years. She said, “I have been playing since I was five, and then I played in high school.”

Now Creamer spends her time coaching the LOTAs on the varsity team. She commented, “I really like spending time with the girls outside the classroom to have a different view of students.”

The team has had an emphasis on more fitness this season. The fitness can be strenuous, but will help with endurance and strength during matches.

Creamer explained, “We’ve been trying to work more on fitness. We do some passive training, which means running with ankle weights. We do lots of fun fitness drills, and I like to do them with the girls, too.” 

Many teams have special rituals before matches, and the tennis team is no exception. Creamer shared, “We have a special cheer that we do in circle. We say a prayer cheer, and then we do a chant, and then we stomp our feet. Every year we add a little something to it.”

Photo by Caroline Bloodgood
Junior Katie Myers working on a game plan with Coach Creamer.

Because there are only 12 members on the team, all of the girls are very close. Junior Katie Myers, who has been on the team for three years, said, “My favorite part of the team is that I get to play tennis and have fun. I’ve also made a lot of friends, so our bus rides to matches are really fun.

Many students choose to be a part of a sports team sometime in their Holy Cross career, not only to play the sport, but to have a good time with each other. While matches are very exciting, senior Ana Kaibni expressed, “My favorite part about tennis is having fun with everyone during practice.”

There is a consensus that the end-of-season tournament is the highlight of the season. Myers said, “The most exciting thing is probably the WCAC tournament at the end of the season. There’s a lot of food and all the schools are there, so it’s pretty exciting.” 

Kaibni agreed, “I love going to the WCAC championships. They’re so much fun.” She added, “We all just get out there to support each other.”

For students who might be thinking about joining the team, Creamer advises, “Practice as much as you possibly can before you try out. You can always go hit against a wall, but the more you play and the more regularly you play, the better you’re going to be, and think positively.”

All of the members of the team are looking forward to more matches to come, all of which they hope everyone will attend.