Texas or Tarta?

Seniors show off their punk-rock outfits in front of the crowd.

The fall mixer is a Holy Cross tradition that is a fun and exciting way to start the year. The mixer, which was held on September 6, is a dance allowing each student at Holy Cross to bring three guests. The purpose for this dance is to meet new people, important to incoming freshmen who might not know as many people in the community.

In order for the mixer to take place, the student council with the help of some staff and teachers spent several weeks of planning and decision making. Student Activities Director Phyllis Ouellette was the main coordinator of the mixer, organizing the chaperones, security, and informing parents of the details.

Student Council moderator Rachael Mullervy said, “It was a team effort. Student Council, with my help, planned everything from the theme to the ticket design.”

Sophomore Christine Nguyen, a member of student council, was also involved in the planning. Nguyen explained, “This was my first year planning, but I believe we tried to keep it similar to last year. We only changed the theme and the music.”

The success of many Holy Cross traditions is based on consistency. Picking  the theme and the for the mixer is a Holy Cross tradition that falls under the responsibilities of Student Council. Student Council with the help of the senior class also chooses the anti-theme. The anti-theme is the theme the seniors choose to dress up as and is the opposite of the theme for the rest of the students. This year’s theme was country and the anti-theme was punk rock. However, the anti-theme is kept a secret until the night of the dance.

Sophomores showing off their country themed outfits.

 Nguyen worried before the event that “Many people were not excited about the theme.”

Freshman Piper Stamos agreed, “I did not think the theme would be good.”

There were speculations about how the theme should be executed, and students worried about what the anti-theme was going to be. This caused some doubts about how the mixer would turn out; however, these doubts immediately diminished once the dance began.

Senior Alison McCord said she thought at first, “The theme wasn’t the best, but the night of the mixer when I saw everyone dressed up I knew it was going to be a very fun night.” McCord also described the anti-theme, “Everyone went all out and we looked so sick.”

For the seniors, the mixer is special, considering the many privileges they get there. Some of these privileges include their own special entrance, the the crowd singing to them, and getting to dress up differently than everyone else. 

Before the mixer began, senior Daniella Karns said, “My expectations were high.” She continued, “The mixers in the past were fun but since this is the last one I can go to with all my friends I want it to be memorable.”

Once the night was over Karns exclaimed, “The mixer surpassed my expectations and was probably one of my favorite experiences here at Holy Cross. It was definitely a night to remember.”

Seniors Dainella Karns, Emma Nalls, and Allison McCord, having fun at their last mixer.