LOTAs Spring Break of Service


Photo by Meighan Avalos

LOTAs in Camden, NJ for the spring break service trip.

For some LOTAs, spring break was not a time to relax, but a time to serve others. The Academy of the Holy Cross sent eighteen girls on the spring break service trip to New Jersey.

The service trip was planned by Campus Ministry and gave the students the opportunity to give back to the community. The Tartans served at a cathedral kitchen, organized a thrift shop, and went to an independent elderly home where they played games and talked to the residents of the home.

Freshman Christine Nguyen attended the service trip and really enjoyed it.  She explained how it was not only so much fun, but she really bonded with the other girls that attended the trip.

Nguyen shared, “I think what I enjoyed most about it was the interactions between people. Serving people made me realize a lot… it was very humbling and touching.”

LOTA junior Molly Kueter, explained her excitement about the trip. She said it was way better than anyone could have expected.

Kueter spoke about how she learned so much, “There were times where we went into Philly and you could see the extreme difference between there and Camden. 

…It was an eye opening experience.”

— Molly Kueter

Kueter exclaimed, “I absolutely loved the trip… I actually found myself not wanting to leave the service site.”

Service trip organizer, Social Concerns Director Emily Teter explained, “The goal of the service trip is really for our students to experience our value of passion and to live it out in Christ.”

Teter mentioned how this year’s trip was an immersion program. It really let the students get engaged in the area and the people they were serving.

She said, “The trip was really about being almost a part of that community and really experiencing what it’s like to be there. To really be immersed in that made it different.”