Keeping LOTAs Healthy: Athletic Training at Holy Cross


Photo by Anna Owens

Athletic trainer Beth Hagler chats with junior Kristen Puglisi about her recent softball injury.

Every day is the same: excitement ensues in the athletic training room after school, brimming with students there with questions, concerns, or just looking to chat before practice.

Beth Hagler, the athletic trainer at Holy Cross, is tasked with the important job of aiding any students experiencing injuries. From wrapping ankles to testing for concussions, she knows how to assist students with the sports-related injuries that may prevent them from playing the game.

Junior Caroline Ionata spoke of her personal injury experience and how Holy Cross helped her. “I got hit multiple times in the head during my soccer game, as well as headed the ball,” Ionata explained.

Ionata discussed how the Holy Cross Athletic Department, specifically Hagler, guided her through the concussion recovery process.

“They kept emailing me and checking up on me to make sure I was resting and that I was not practicing. And then as soon as my symptoms went away, they did a ‘return to play,’” she described.

Ionata emphasized the importance of awareness when it comes to sports injuries, specifically concussions.

She emphasized, “Do not keep playing. If your head hurts, stop and tell the athletic directors because it’s a very serious injury. I’ve had three already”.

Hagler highlighted some of the injuries that she has seen while at AHC, listing, “a lot of knee pain, so tendonitis, two ACL tears accompanies with other knee injuries, ankle sprains, a lot of concussions, some shoulder problems, and shin splints.”

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“Honestly, working with you girls is my favorite part of this job.””

— Beth Hagler

While this may sound disheartening to athletes, Hagler provides some examples that can help prevent sports related injuries.

She revealed some healthy methods, including, “Always stretch, roll out muscles, warm up properly, and strengthen the surrounding muscles around joints.”

The tasks she performs may seem grueling or unpleasant, but Hagler enjoys her work and looks forward to assisting students. She is always open to anyone with questions, comments, or concerns.

“Honestly, working with you girls is my favorite part of this job. The consistency of seeing you all every day is nice, and I haven’t had that before.”