Pumping Adrenaline


Photo by Madison Dias

The Adrenaline Dance Team members working hard in practice.

The Adrenaline Dance Team recently held its tryouts here at Holy Cross. The auditions were held to welcome new members of the school and past team members for a spot on the dance team.

The dance auditions were held over two days. On the first day, according to freshman, Kayla Matthews, “We learned a dance combination for the whole duration of the tryout” and on the second day, “We performed it in front of three judges in groups of four.”

This audition, in comparison to other dance teams Matthews has been on, was different, explaining “they didn’t do across the floor [a dance move].”

Some advice that Matthews would give to future students looking to tryout is “don’t second guess yourself and have fun!” When dancing, it is important to focus on “a healthy and clear mentality.”

The strongest qualities in a dancer, according to Matthews are “flexibility, confidence, and physical and mental strength.” These traits are those that anyone can accomplish and master; it only takes dedication and time.

Adrenaline Dance Team coach, Donna Reese reported that the schedule for a dancer on the team is “A very busy schedule after school because most days they leave here and go to a dance studio that they take classes from. Therefore we only have classes on Wednesday from 3:15-4 and Thursday 2:50-4. Because we do not practice everyday after school for long periods of time, we practice hard during our rehearsal.”

Reese mentioned that when deciding which dancers to put on the team, “I do not judge. I have three judges who score based on technique, execution, energy, performance/projection, control of movement, flexibility.”

Reese reported that this year the team is comprised of four freshmen, two sophomores, one juniors, and two seniors.

The Adrenaline Dance Team performs within the school at certain school events, including the upcoming winter dance show.