The Art and Design Club


Juniors Christina Claverie, Marylin Caceres and Kaitlyn Menjijar, gathered together at an Art and Design meeting.

Art and Design is a thought-provoking club that allows students to show their true creativity and potential artistic ability.

The idea began at last year’s club fair, when Kristen Puglisi and Christina Claverie-Williams initially became motivated enough to start this club. At this year’s club fair, a few juniors got together and decided to put the club into action.

This club is non-discriminating in the sense that any form of art is admired and put to use. Junior Cierra Touma, secretary, stated, “All forms of art are great to be familiar with for this club. Whether that is fashion design, cosmetic design, or simple art techniques in general.”

As long as the student is genuinely interested in the aspects of art and design that will be focused on, she will thoroughly enjoy this club. Claverie-Williams, president and co-founder, commented, “I think that it would be useful to have creativity and be truly inspired to grow as an artist.”

Different days of the club will be dedicated to completely different aspects of art and design. Interests are continually cycling. A member is not required to participate in every club meeting or the activities. However, the student is also welcome to come to any or all of the meetings, even if she only wants to observe.

Art and Design is a good fit for a student who is skillful at painting, sketching, drawing, sewing, knitting, or any other type of art. Claverie mentioned, “We will focus on all aspects of art–especially those of the fine arts like fashion, design, sketching, painting, sculpting, architecture, photography, and film.”

Whether a student has taken several art classes and is naturally talented when it comes to design, or even if she cannot draw a straight line, it does not matter. Any artistic ability that a potential member has will be useful to this club and the projects that they do.

This club will continue to meet every Monday at lunch. The members would like LOTAs to know that it is never too late to join. Junior Kristen Puglisi invited, “Anyone is welcome at any time, and we would love to have more members.”