Thanksgiving at AHC


Photo by Paula Cotae

Best Buddies Club Friendsgiving

The Holy Cross community is a diverse one, full of different girls from many different backgrounds. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, making it a very exciting time for the LOTAs, with everyone buzzing and ready for November 26, the last day before Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday with many ways to celebrate it, different traditions and experiences.

“My family is from Puerto Rico, and we go there almost every break. This year my family and I are leaving on the Friday before break starts, so we can spend as much time with our family as possible,” senior Ale Serrano explained.

“I have a huge family so Thanksgiving is a really big deal. All of my siblings and cousins play a huge football game. It’s such a fun time spending time with my family, especially my family that comes from different states. It’s one of my favorite holidays,” sophomore Paige D’albora said. 

One student had a tradition that not many people have heard of. “I have a very small family, just my mom, dad, and I. So every year we go to Hawaii for a little get away, and just spend time at the beach and we go hiking and it’s awesome. We don’t normally celebrate Thanksgiving with a huge dinner, we just surf all day,” senior Nora Gibson explained.

The students are not the only ones who are excited for break. This is also an exciting time for teachers. “I love Thanksgiving. I stay here in Maryland, and I spend it with my wife and kids. We go over to a family friends house and my wife makes the best food” global civilizations teacher Robert Christian said.

Photo by Katie Meyers
Seniors Hadleigh Locraft and Paula Cotae enjoying Friendsgiving

Right before break, the Best Buddies Club threw a Friendsgiving during lunch. “We had such a great time. We had food and drinks and listened to music,” senior Hadleigh Locraft explained. “It was a great exprience being able to bond with everyone and express how thankful we are for each other.”

“The food and drinks were so good. I sang and danced with my friend Katherine. I had a really good time!” senior Paula Cotae exclaimed.

Thanksgiving break also gives the students a much needed break. “I’ve had so much school work, and on top of the college process I have been so stressed. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to have a break from school where I can finally relax,” senior Valarie Kuzma admitted.