LOTA Declassified Holy Cross Survival Guide


Created by MacKenzie Blount-Rich

Like any other transition, the move to high school can be challenging at first. Everyone has to adjust to new environments, settings, mindsets, and people at different points in their life. Not everyone, especially freshmen, are equipped with knowledge that will help them adjust.

So as a fellow LOTA who has been in the same position, I am here to provide you with the 411, 101, LOTA Declassified Holy Cross Survival Guide.

Tip #1: Don’t Procrastinate. Time management is key in high school. One of the main things incoming students have a problem with is the transition of workloads. Be sure to stay on track and not push work off and let it pile up and be a burden.

Tip #2: Join lots of clubs. Some students have a difficult time making friends as they make their transition. Clubs are one of the best outlets for making new friends and exploring new possiblites. Take advantage of this!

Tip #3: Talk and reach out to teachers. It can sometimes be intimidating to confront teachers who you are not acquainted with yet. However, they are there to help you it is their job after all. Not only are the teachers you have in classes there for you, but every teacher/ faculty member in the building wants to help you succeed. Don’t be scared to speak up!

Tip #4: Do your best. Even though freshman year is not the most crucial year of your high school journey, it is still important. Some freshmen tend to either slack off freshman year or work so hard that they become overwhelmed. You need to have balance because your freshman year does affect your cumulative GPA, which you will (if you don’t already) learn is vital to your next transition into college.

Tip #5: Understand that everything will get better. Even though your transition form 8th to 9th grade can be tough, know that as time goes on everything will fall in to place and becomes easier. So, stay strong and carry on!